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Gaco Western 052n Open Cell Foam

0.5lb Open Cell Foam

Often referred to as half pound foam or Icynene, open cell foam is a semi-rigid foam plastic that is perfect for above grade walls and ceilings especially in hard-to-reach or complicated areas. Gaco Western 052N Open Cell expands over 100x its size to fully-fill a cavity and eliminate any nooks and crannies. Rim joists, behind electrical sockets and oddly-framed areas make open cell foam a smart choice. Due to it’s cushion-like nature, open cell foam is great for sound attenuation. It weighs 0.5lb per cubic foot and has an r-value of 3.8/inch. It is a tested air barrier, class 1 fire-rated, and acts as a class III vapor retarder at greater than 2″. Gaco Western 052N does not emit any VOCs, HCFCs, CFCs, fermaldehyde or any other nasty byproducts. Because it is waterblown, the product only releases carbon dioxide as it expands. Click here for a link to  Gaco Western 052n Open Cell Technical Data Sheet.

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"I strongly recommend EcoLogic! The feedback from my clients, has been superb and the results speak for themselves. Their products provide outstanding value. I wouldn't even consider using anyone else. EcoLogic is a pleasure to work with."
-Ken Frey, Bethlehem, CT

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