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Thermal Barrier Coatings

Ecologic is pleased to be able to offer International Fireproof Technology’s DC315 Intumescent paint for any areas that require a 15-minute thermal barrier over exposed spray foam. DC315 has been widely-tested and is a well-known intumescent paint product in the spray foam and construction industry. DC315 has also been tested and approved over all Ecologic’s spray foams. Ecologic has worked with many builders, architects and building inspectors making sure to design your spray foam project to meet and exceed code. Give us a call at 203-889-0505 to discuss your project and click here to check out DC315’s technical data sheet.

A commonly asked question is, "do I need a 15-Minute Thermal Barrier over exposed spray foam?" More often than not, the answer is yes. To help our answer we should look at the purpose of a thermal barrier. A 15-minute thermal barrier over spray foam is designed to provide 15 minutes of fire protection before a constant flame hitting cured spray foam creates smoke. This allows the occupants of a burning building time to escape in a more safe manner. The two most common products to use are fire-rated drywall and intumescent paint.

Another common question is, "but most closed cell foams and some open cell foams have a built-in ignition barrier, is that enough to leave those spray foam exposed?" By code, probably not but it depends on the area. A 15-minute thermal barrier will be required over exposed foam in any attic or crawlspaces that could potentially be used for storage. It doesn’t matter if you’re fitting 100 boxes or a shoebox, if it can be used for storage a thermal barrier will be required. The only exception where spray foam with a built-in ignition barrier may be left exposed is when the attic or crawlspace has access only for the service of utilities and mechanicals. Keep in mind that your local building official has the final determination.

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"I strongly recommend EcoLogic! The feedback from my clients, has been superb and the results speak for themselves. Their products provide outstanding value. I wouldn't even consider using anyone else. EcoLogic is a pleasure to work with."
-Ken Frey, Bethlehem, CT

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