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Made largely from ground-up newspaper and cardboard, Cellulose is one of the most sustainable and renewable insulation available. It’s R-value ranges from 3.4-3.8/inch depending on the application making it comparable to conventional insulation. Cellulose can be used in new construction and retrofit construction, or simply if you want to add more insulation in your existing home. It is most commonly used in above-grade exterior walls, attic floors, common ceilings and common walls. In its dense pack form, Cellulose is an excellent sound attenuator as well due to its high density of 2.5-3.5 lbs/cubic foot.

There are a few ways to install cellulose in your project. The most common is an “open blow” application which simply adds cellulose to any open ceiling area that you have, such as an attic floor. It is cost-effective and helps increases R-values while improving your home’s energy efficiency which helps in reducing heating and cooling costs. In an open blow application, cellulose has a density of around 1-1.5lbs/cubic foot.

Another application of cellulose is in its “Dense Pack” form. In an existing home, you can drill hole into each bay from the interior through drywall or from exterior through siding/sheathing and blow-in cellulose to your existing walls/floors/ceilings to improve your home’s energy performance. General densities in this application around between 1.5-2.5lbs/cubic foot.

With open cavities, we are able to do a “net-and-blow” application where a fabric cellulose netting is stapled to face of the studs and cellulose insulation is blown in under high pressure to achieve a density of 2.5-3.5lbs/cubic foot. This is a lengthier process, but can provide excellent moisture management control and superior sound attenuation.

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