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Mineral Wool (Roxul)

Mineral wool, commonly referred to as Roxul, is a stone wool-based insulation derived from natural stone and recycled content most commonly used in residential and commercial buildings for thermal insulation, sound attenuation and fire blocking. Ecologic is proud to carry the Roxul brand of mineral wool which includes products such as Roxul’s Comfortbatt for thermal insulation, Acoustical Fire Batt (AFB) for sound and fire protection, and Roxul’s Comfortboard for exterior rigid thermal applications.

Many of Ecologic’s new construction projects include Roxul’s AFB for sound attenuation due to it’s high density of over 2 lbs/cubic foot. You will often find AFB use for sound attenuation in bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry rooms, media rooms, common ceilings and partition walls.

Because it’s made from stone minerals, it can withstand temperatures of over 1500°F making it the go-to for fire protection. Roxul AFB has passed fire protection tests ASTM E84 and ASTM E136 and is great to use in firewalls, steel buildings, partition walls, and for fireblocking where required by residential and commercial code.

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"I strongly recommend EcoLogic! The feedback from my clients, has been superb and the results speak for themselves. Their products provide outstanding value. I wouldn't even consider using anyone else. EcoLogic is a pleasure to work with."
-Ken Frey, Bethlehem, CT

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